Create a Sustainable Private Practice

with spiritually-infused support

My group and individual consultation services for mental health providers help you incorporate your faith into your business. So you prevent burnout and create a practice that fits you.

You’re trained to put others first — but over time, this can leave you emotionally and spiritually drained if you don’t make time for you.

Running your own mental health private or group practice can be rewarding but also challenging and lonely.

You may face business problems or challenges that you’re not sure how to solve or receive advice that doesn’t feel right for your values.

Additionally, you must wear multiple hats every day, including:

  • Providing therapy to clients
  • Leading and training other therapists
  • Managing the day-to-day responsibilities of a business, like marketing, paying bills, administrative tasks, monitoring SEO, and putting out all the little fires

As a result, you can be pulled in so many directions that you can feel stretched thin — struggling to create time for yourself, your beliefs, and your values.

Over time, you may feel out of balance, disconnected, or overwhelmed. Leaving you at risk of burning out and not enjoying the practice you put so much time and effort into.

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But delving deeper into your faith, beliefs, and spirituality and incorporating these into your business and self-care can help you create space for you to:


Stay Centered

Recapture your deeper purpose and mission

Create a sustainable business you love

You can build a deeper connection between your faith, your business, and your whole self.

I’m a group practice owner, retired therapist, consultant, spiritual director, podcaster, and retreat host.

Several years ago (before COVID), I found myself feeling burned out as a therapist, group practice owner, and person. Even with positive events in my life, I felt drained and concerned that I didn’t have enough emotional energy to show up for my family after giving my all to clients and my team.

After some trial and error, I found what was missing — a practice of soul care and spirituality.

This eventually led me to develop the 5 Pillars of Soul Care for Therapists. The pillars provide a pathway for us to walk alongside one another and explore our spirituality and beliefs together.

These pillars help us hold space for ourselves and our faith journey, so we can incorporate all aspects of ourselves into our daily lives and businesses. So we feel more complete, understood, and in line with who we are — mind, body, and spirit.

Embracing my spiritual journey and incorporating the 5 Pillars changed everything for me.

Now I work with mental health solo practitioners and group practice owners helping them work through business problems while also exploring and integrating their spiritual journey and faith. So they can gain support from like-minded therapists, create a sustainable business they love, and thrive.

Grow a spiritually-centered solo or group practice that doesn’t take over your life.

For over 10 years, I’ve been working with faith-based group practice owners and solo practitioners to help them create, redefine, or grow a sustainable mental health practice that they love.

Contact me today, and let’s see how I can help you.