Stop Hustling and Start Creating a Sustainable Group Private Practice that Aligns with You

My Spiritually-Infused Individual Consultation service helps group practice owners create a business that fits them — mind, body, and spirit.

Your mental health group practice should reflect you and be in tune with your personal life.

Running a group practice while maintaining a work/life balance
is hard.

As the group practice owner, you constantly give to others — your clients, fellow therapists, and office staff. Additionally, you manage the business, marketing, business protocols, make key decisions, and more.

It can be rewarding but also challenging and exhausting.

Sometimes, you can get so caught up in the hustle and what you’re told you’re “supposed to do” that it can feel like your business is running your life — instead of you running your business.

Unfortunately, building a business that doesn’t integrate your values, beliefs, and personal life can leave you vulnerable to burnout.

A spiritually-informed business approach that incorporates your faith can help you create a satisfying, sustainable group practice.

As a licensed professional counselor for over 18 years and a seasoned group practice owner, I understand the pressures that group practice owners face.

You may struggle with aspects of running the business, such as:

  • Technical details like moving from insurance to private pay, relocating a practice, paying taxes, or maintaining records.
  • Building a team culture
  • Hiring or firing
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Marketing and networking consistently
  • Managing the budget, making wise financial decisions, and deciding how much to pay staff

Additionally, you may struggle with emotional elements of being both a therapist and business owner, such as:

  • Limiting beliefs, fears, and self-sabotage that leave you overwhelmed
  • Compassion fatigue and burnout
  • Difficulty integrating faith and spirituality beliefs into your practice while still being ethical
  • Feeling like you’re on an entrepreneurial roller coaster
  • Lonely at the top

You can create a deeply fulfilling group practice that fits your whole self — your values, beliefs, and faith. So you feel energized, connected, and in charge of your business.

My spiritually-informed individual consultation is tailored to your needs.

I’m passionate about helping you redefine or grow your private practice, so you feel confident, in control, and energized about your business.

I create a safe space where you can talk about business challenges, explore your feelings about running a group practice, and get the support you need as a business owner and therapist.

Together, I’ll help you:

  • Take a deeper look at what’s important to you and your business
  • Work through business challenges and explore solutions that fit your needs and values
  • Focus on incorporating what is authentic and value centered to you into your business
  • Hold space for where you are in your spiritual journey
  • Explore the 5 Pillars of Soul Care for Therapists and how to incorporate this into your personal and business life
  • Develop your own personal soul care practice for deep renewal and personal value

I honor and respect what you believe.

While I hold Christian beliefs and views, all faiths are welcome. Additionally, spirituality does not have to mean a church-based religion or classes.

I meet you where you are with your faith and beliefs to help you integrate your personal spirituality into your business so you and your practice can thrive.

You can select the individual consultation package that best fits your situation.

All individual consultation sessions are provided remotely over Zoom, with each session lasting 60 minutes.

I offer:

  • A single, one-time session for $350
  • Multi-session package deals with Voxer support in between sessions (contact me for options and prices)

My spiritually-informed individual consultation service goes beyond traditional business consultation.

Instead, we work together to incorporate the whole you — mind, body, and spirit — into your business and life.

So you feel balanced and can build a group practice that reflects you.

Are you ready to create a group practice that fits your life and values?

For over 10 years, I’ve been working with group practice owners to help them create, redefine, or grow their sustainable mental health practice.

Contact me today, and let’s see if my spiritually-informed individual consultation service is the right fit for you.