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5 Pillars of Soul Care for Therapists

Helping faith-based solo and group practice owners incorporate their spirituality and faith into their business and life.

You’re high functioning but you have struggles like everyone else.

You consistently show up for others — your clients, business, family, and friends.

You are the person others turn to when they need support, help, or guidance.

Yet it can get hard to maintain the emotional energy you need to be there for everyone in your life and all your roles, especially if you’re not finding time to recharge yourself.

Because as a therapist, you’re experiencing and hearing things differently than most people due to your specialized training and how you interact with the world. Whether it’s in your business or personal life, you can’t shut that part of yourself off.

You can’t unsee and unhear all the stories that you’ve heard, seen, and held space for.
And that impacts how you view the world and relationships.

Sometimes, it’s too much.

You don’t need to struggle alone.

You’re human and your job can be demanding. You’re juggling lots of responsibilities, running a business, and dealing with your everyday life.

Yet, as therapists, we often expect ourselves to appear like we always have it all together.

But internally, we struggle with emotions and difficult situations just like everyone else, including:

  • Self doubts
  • Business problems
  • Anxiety
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Fear of failure
  • The roller coaster of entrepreneurship

Over time, you may start to feel drained or feel like maintaining your solo or group practice is spilling over into your personal life — leaving you vulnerable to resentment or even burnout.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can feel rejuvenated and deepen connections by holding space for yourself and your spiritual journey.

Several years ago, I found myself at a crossroads. I had reached a point in my life and career where I was burned out.

After years of being a therapist and running a successful group practice, I’d end my work days feeling drained, like I had nothing left for my family and my life.

As feelings of resentment toward my practice grew, I went to therapy. I explored additional coping skills, EMDR, and more. Growing up Christian, I even tried prayer.

But nothing touched me deeply enough to help.

Until I discovered the practice of soul care — this sent me on my own journey of spiritual formation with a spiritual director and soul care days.

It changed everything!

How the 5 Pillars of Soul Care for Therapists can help you prevent burnout.

As I explored my own spiritual journey, I started to notice core elements, or pillars, that helped me create a deeper and more authentic connection with God.

These pillars helped me hold space for myself and my faith journey — allowing me to incorporate all aspects of myself into my daily life and business.

As a result, I developed a more meaningful and authentic connection to God. Ultimately, this led to deeper spiritual levels of self-care, renewal, and values that I could incorporate into my group practice — allowing me to thrive.

Professionally, I continue to run a successful group practice in Colorado and work as a consultant informed with spiritual direction.

Personally, I enjoy the balance that my soul care and spiritual journey have brought me. I spend time with my husband, two boys, family, and friends. Plus, make time for activities I enjoy, including hiking and sharing deep conversations over chai or wine.

I hope you will also find a deeper and more authentic connection with God or your spirituality as you explore the Pillars of Soul Care for Therapists.

The 5 Pillars of Soul Care for Therapists are:

Soul Care

Soul Care is an intentional choice to create space for your soul to thrive.

It is the practice of caring for the whole person — mind, body, spirit. All together.

We will look for new and ancient ways to engage and connect with God (or your spirituality) to experience true renewal. Curiosity is key while we dive deeper into spiritual formation, soul care, your own story as well as others.

Therapist Matrix

The Therapist Matrix lets you explore all the layers of who you are, including the responsibilities of private or group practice ownership, being a therapist, and being human.

Authentic Community

Engaging in soul companionship and building meaningful connections with like-minded therapists can help us create an intentional sacred space to listen to others’ journeys, share in deep conversations, and explore our spiritual and business journeys together.

Connection with Nature

Nature is healing to the soul. As a result, you can experience a deep, healing connection with the space around you, especially while walking, hiking, or just being present in nature.


Together, we can explore how to grow and lead a group or private practice that’s attuned to your values so you and your practice thrive. Additionally, you can learn and develop personal soul care practices that you feel renewed and hold space for yourself.

I honor and Respect What You Believe.

Faith, spirituality, and God can have different meanings depending on your personal beliefs and life experiences.

While I hold Christian beliefs and views, you do not need to be Christian to benefit from incorporating the 5 Pillars of Soul Care for Therapists into your life and business. 


I have been trained as a Spiritual Director with School of Sustainable Faith (2022) and Larry Crabb New Way Ministries (2020)

All faiths are welcome.

Your spiritual journey is specific to you. I respect and honor your beliefs, and I am not here to change how you believe. I’m simply here for you to aid you in your journey as you incorporate your faith and beliefs more fully into all aspects of your life.

I promise to create a safe, nonjudgmental space and to hold a gracious and big space for wherever you find yourself in your faith journey.

For example, you may be curious or deconstructing or reconstructing your beliefs as I, too, have done.

Ultimately, I meet you where you are with your faith and beliefs to help you integrate your personal spirituality into your business so you and your practice can thrive.

However, there may be times that I use terms like “God,” “He,” and even “She.” I may use stories of Jesus during guided meditations because I believe He truly brings the compassionate and human side of the Trinity to life.

Please talk to me if these are of concern or if certain religious terms are triggering.

Ready to grow a spiritually-centered solo or group practice that doesn’t take over your life.

For over 10 years, I’ve been working with faith-based group practice owners and solo practitioners to help them create, redefine, or grow a sustainable mental health practice that they love.

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