Sacred Space Community Groups for Faith-Based Therapists

Build Meaningful Connections & Get Expert Advice for Your Private Practice

Build connections with like-minded mental health practitioners to tackle business challenges and incorporate soul care strategies and spirituality into your private or group practice.

You aren’t alone.

As a business owner and therapist, you likely are used to being the “go-to” person everyone in your practice turns to for help — from a consult about a client challenge, billing questions, explaining why staff can’t decorate the office how they want, and more.

But who do you turn to for support, advice, or community?

It can be isolating when you run a group or solo private practice.

For instance, you may not know like-minded owners who you can turn to for support or guidance. Or you may have to sift through advice and business solutions that don’t fit you, your values, or how you want to run your business.

Over time, this can lead to stress, feeling like your business is taking over your life, overwhelm, or even burnout.

But the truth is, nobody else will get you like another therapist. And that’s where the Sacred Space Community Group can help.

You can create a sustainable practice that fits your values and spirituality with support from a small group of like-minded mental health practitioners.

As a licensed professional counselor for over 18 years and a seasoned group practice owner, I understand the challenges faced by faith-based group and private practice owners.

So my Sacred Space Community Groups bring together small groups of like-minded practitioners who want to:

  • Work through business challenges or achieve a specific goal
  • Dive deeper into their spiritual practice, beliefs, and values for a stronger connection with their faith or God
  • Incorporate their faith and values ethically into their mental health practice
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Develop soul care strategies to refresh and replenish themselves
  • Build and connect with an authentic community for genuine support and meaningful discussions

In group sessions, we work together to

  • Take a deeper look at what’s important to help each member grow their private or group practice
  • Incorporate spirituality and soul care exercises and practices that help members hold space for themselves in their everyday lives
  • Build a meaningful and supportive community

What you can expect from my Sacred Space Community Groups

My 4-month groups help members focus on and target specific goals while listening to what God (or their spirituality) might be doing in their private or group practices.

I hand select group members for each group so all members match in energy and stage of their practice. And I hold separate groups specifically for solo private practitioners and group practice owners since their business goals and challenges can vary.

Groups are small, so you’ll receive personalized attention and support from me to move your business forward. Additionally, this small size helps keep groups laser-focused, so you accomplish the goals you want to achieve. Often, members grow close quickly and stay in touch with each other after the group ends.

All Sacred Space Community Groups :

  • Lasts 6 months
  • Contain only 4-6 members
  • Have 90-minute group sessions every other week over Zoom
  • Incorporate mastermind/group consulting sessions, soul care exercises, and spiritual practices in each meeting
  • Includes monthly individual spiritual direction with Dawn
  • Bonus perks include :
    • Discounts on retreats and individual consultations 
    • Voxer app exchanges for quick communication during the week

This group is for you if you :

  • Have been in private practice for more than 2 years.
  • Want to focus on something specific and level up in your business.
  • Desire to listen in on what God wants for your business.
  • Enjoy connecting to other like-minded practice owners.
  • Have a desire to intersect the sacred with your business.
  • Need a smaller community to really support, understand, and give feedback on your ideas, plans, systems, and anything that comes with running a group or solo private practice

This group is NOT for you if you :

  • Are just starting out in your practice. (I can suggest other groups if you are here.)
  • Are NOT ready to tune in to God right now — and that’s OK! There are seasons in our faith journey, no judgment!
  • Do NOT need a small group of like-minded people who can give feedback on your practice.


Sacred Space Groups run about every 4-6 months.
Contact me today to get in the next one!


(9am PT | 11pm CT | 12pm ET)

$500 for the whole 4 months


$135 monthly


For Group Practice Owners Only
(If you are in individual practice – I sometimes offer groups specifically for you too! Contact me to find out more. )

Spots are limited. Contact Dawn for more information and to reserve your spot.

Move your private or group practice forward with the support of a like-minded, faith-based community.

For over 10 years, I’ve been working with faith-based group practice owners and solo practitioners to help them create, redefine, or grow their sustainable mental health practice.

Contact me today, and let’s see if my Sacred Space Community Group is the right fit for you.