For mental health therapists who want to become more intentional in tuning into body, mind and spirit while building a sustainable private practice and fulfilling lifestyle.

A space to allow the sacred to intersect with work.

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The Soul Care for Therapists Podcast, is hosted by Dawn Gabriel who guides mental health professionals on a journey of spiritual discovery that intersects with building a thriving and sustainable private practice.

Through insightful discussions and practical strategies, Soul Care for Therapists integrates the essential pillars of community, business consulting, spirituality, and the therapist matrix into an enlightening and transformative experience. Each episode offers a sanctuary for connecting with core values and nurturing the private practice while navigating the intricate intersection of spirituality and professional success.

Join Dawn and her guests on this journey of self-discovery, where together, we create a supportive and nurturing environment for growt h as a therapist and a deep connection with the Divine. It’s time to embrace soul care and unlock the full potential of your calling in the mental health profession.