Episode 98: Mastering Mindset, Growth, and Problem-Solving with GRIIT and POWER with Kelly Lynch, LCSW

Empowering Therapists Through Personal and Professional Growth

In this enlightening episode of “Soul Care for Therapists,” host Dawn Gabriel engages in a deep and meaningful conversation with Kelly Lynch, a seasoned therapist and coach who specializes in helping individuals navigate both their personal and professional lives with resilience and empowerment. Kelly brings a wealth of experience to the table, having not only walked the path of a therapist but also as a survivor of domestic violence and a former EMS personnel. Her unique journey has given her profound insights into the integration of faith and psychology, making her a guiding light for therapists striving to build sustainable businesses while honoring their own well-being.

Discovering Resilience Amidst Personal Challenges

Kelly opens up about her transformative experiences, shedding light on her own journey through a challenging divorce and her triumphant emergence from domestic violence. Despite these trials, she demonstrates how resilience and grit can be harnessed to propel oneself forward. Kelly shares, “We argued about basically everything, uh, but from beginning to end it was six months, which is really fast for a contentious divorce. So again, like I got really lucky with the pace that the divorce moved at, so then I could just move on with my life.”

Grit and Power: A Model for Growth

Kelly introduces her powerful coaching model, Grit and Power, which acts as a roadmap for therapists seeking personal and professional alignment. The Grit model encompasses Growth, Resilience, Identity, and Training, all vital components of personal development. Kelly explains, “Growth is about how we practice resilience, how we create resilience…how we adapt to the world around us.” She further delves into the significance of Identity and Integrity, emphasizing the importance of staying aligned with one’s core values. The Power model complements Grit by offering a practical approach to addressing challenges, with the acronym representing Pause for Perspective, Observe and Organize, Work the Problem, Express the Impact, and Recover.

Balancing Professional Growth and Personal Well-being

Kelly’s approach to growth doesn’t solely apply to the professional realm; she extends her insights to encompass personal lives as well. She shares her own experiences of parenting a tween daughter and emphasizes the value of practicing self-care and boundary-setting. She says, “When we think about mental health skills, they’re just the same. It’s just putting it into a different context.” Kelly underscores the importance of debriefing and self-care, drawing parallels between her EMS background and the necessity for therapists to discharge energy after emotionally charged sessions.

Tips for Integration and Transformation

For therapists and business owners seeking integration of their faith and psychology, Kelly’s wisdom offers tangible takeaways.

  • Embrace the Grit and Power model to navigate challenges with resilience and intentionality.
  • Identify personal values and live them out with integrity.
  • Practice self-care as you balance professional demands and personal growth.

Kelly’s upcoming book, which delves into the Grit and Power model, promises to be an invaluable resource for therapists and individuals seeking holistic alignment.

In Summary: Aligning Growth, Resilience, and Faith

Kelly Lynch’s journey from therapist to coach is one of empowerment, growth, and alignment. Her Grit and Power model serves as a beacon of hope for therapists navigating their own personal and professional challenges. Through resilience, intentionality, and self-care, Kelly encourages therapists to foster growth, embrace their identities, and thrive in both their businesses and personal lives. As a survivor, coach, and mentor, Kelly’s insights remind us that personal growth is a lifelong journey that can be both transformative and empowering.

About Kelly

Kelly Lynch is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Life Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, and Nutrition Coach. She has been walking with people through their journeys and challenges for over 20 years, beginning as an EMT in 2002, and moving into the mental health field in 2009. Kelly launched her first business, Turning Point Wellness, in 2014, and her clinical specialty is Acute Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Injuries in EMS professionals.

Kelly launched The GRIIT Project in 2022, offering mindset coaching through her transformational GRIIT and POWER coaching systems. She speaks nationally and internationally on topics related to mindset and problem-solving, as well as teaching clinicians in private practice how to brand and successfully market. She specializes in teaching people how to practice authenticity and find alignment through the power of self-leadership.

With the five pillars of GRIIT and POWER, Kelly will help you unlock your potential and build a life that feels even better than it looks.

Links and Resources

  • The Griit Project
  • Kelly on Facebook and Instagram – @thegriitcoach
  • Look for Kelly’s book on Amazon scheduled to be published in February 2024
  • Sacred Space Community Groups – with Dawn
  • Soul Care Retreats: Exclusively for therapists who want to recharge in a deep and fulfilling way. You will engage in your own spiritual journey, find some release from the work you do, as well as connect with other therapists all while enjoying the beauty of Colorado at a secluded and peaceful retreat center. Limited to 6-8 therapists.

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