113: God as my business partner series (4 of 4), with Katie Kroening, LCSW, CADC


Finding balance between personal faith and professional endeavors can be a challenge for many therapists who are also business owners. The journey of merging these two aspects of our lives requires introspection, patience, and above all, a reliance on God as our CEO. In this blog post, we will explore the inspiring conversation between Dawn Gabriel and Katie Kroening, LCSW, CADC, as they discuss the integration of faith and business, highlighting the topics of therapy, being a business owner, and the transformative power of faith.

Embracing Faith on the Professional Journey

Throughout her journey, Katie Kroening, a licensed clinical social worker and certified alcohol and drug counselor, realized the importance of aligning her faith with her professional pursuits. She recognized that she was called to create a counseling practice guided by a faith-based perspective, with a mission to offer compassionate care to her clients. Katie’s story serves as a reminder that our personal and professional lives can beautifully merge when we surrender control and allow God to guide our steps.

The Role of Faith in Decision-Making

One of the challenges therapists face as business owners is making decisions that align with their values and honor their faith. Katie and Dawn discussed the importance of listening for the still small voice of God and seeking His guidance in every step. Instead of allowing fear to drive decision-making, they emphasized the need to trust in God’s plan, even during times of uncertainty. Faith empowers us to make deliberate choices that honor our values and contribute to the well-being of our clients and employees.

The Power of Waiting on the Lord

Waiting is not a popular concept in today’s fast-paced world. However, both Katie and Dawn shared personal stories of waiting on the Lord and experiencing His faithfulness. Despite the challenges and discomfort that often accompany waiting, they encouraged therapists to embrace patience and trust in God’s timing. Waiting allows us to cultivate resilience, seek wisdom, and ensure that the decisions we make are rooted in faith rather than haste.

Nurturing a Thriving Work Culture

As business owners, therapists have the opportunity to create a work environment that reflects their faith and values. Katie shared her experience of posting her Christ-centered values on her practice’s website, which attracted like-minded therapists who sought her out. By aligning our values with our employees and fostering a culture of compassion, empathy, and respect, we can build a thriving work environment that extends beyond financial gain. It is vital for therapists to remember that the size of their practice does not define its impact. The quality of care and commitment to one’s values often resonates more with clients and employees than sheer numbers.

Staying Focused on the Why

In an industry that often values growth and financial success, it is crucial for therapists to stay grounded in their why. Katie and Dawn emphasized the significance of a purpose-driven approach to therapy and business ownership. By keeping our focus on being instruments of healing and offering compassionate care to those we serve, therapists can experience fulfillment regardless of the size or financial status of their practice.


Integrating faith and business is an ongoing journey that requires attentiveness, prayer, and trust in God’s plan. By embracing our personal faith and allowing Him to take the wheel, therapists can find strength, purpose, and fulfillment in their professional endeavors. As we navigate our therapy practices as business owners, remembering the transformative power of faith can guide us to create a practice that not only serves our clients but also nurtures our own well-being. May we always strive to honor God as our CEO, trusting that He will make our efforts grow in ways that surpass our expectations.

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