Episode 112: God as my business partner series (3 of 4) with Nathan Hansen, LPC

In the world of therapists and private practice owners, the concept of having not just a business partner, but a divine business partner can seem daunting. Revealing a unique perspective on the blend of faith and business, Nathan Hansen, LPC talks candidly with Dawn Gabriel about seeing God as a business partner in the therapy world. 

About Nathan Hansen

When he’s not being the most awesome sauce husband and super-dad to his kids, you may find him chillin’ in his therapy office. He enjoys quality time with his wife, kids, and his collective of friends and family. He’s not your typical practice owner; he crafts cigar box guitars, doles out some consulting wizardry, and runs from stress faster than a squirrel on espresso. His golf game? Let’s just say it’s a work in progress, but at least he finds solace in the woods hunting giant forest rabbits from a tree stand. He’s a self-proclaimed coffee snob – only the finest beans will do. And after a hard day of being a modern Renaissance man, you’ll find him sipping a neat pour of bourbon appreciating the artistry in every sip. Most importantly though, he’s a lifelong, dedicated, follower of Christ.

Integrating Faith and Business

Nathan Hansen, LPC, a licensed professional counselor based in West Michigan, shares how he integrates his faith into his counseling practice. Despite not advertising his practice as faith-based, Nathan explains his intentions in making his faith an integral part of his work. Faith, for him, influences his interactions with clients and staff, motivating him to uphold Christian values of honesty, compassion, and integrity. 

The Power of Prayer in Business

Notably, Nathan discloses that turning to prayer plays a significant role in his private practice as a therapist. He recollects instances when he asked for divine intervention in generating new clients. Remarkably, his inbox would notch up with inquiries within 24 hours. It highlighted how inculcating faith actions, such as prayer for clients and team members, could have positive effects on your business.

Relating to God as a Business Owner

When faced with challenges, therapists, or private practice owners might try to resolve everything independently. It’s vital to realize that this could be a red flag highlighting a lack of complete reliance on God. Recognizing this tendency allows for a re-calibration of focus back to God, for assistance and guidance. After all, as Nathan states, as believers and business owners, their priority should be pleasing and working for the Lord, keeping humility in check. 

The Role of God in Private Practice

While Nathan may not explicitly market his private practice as Christian-oriented, he makes it a point to conduct his business according to Christian principles. This reverence for his faith extends to praying in each room whenever he opens a new office. It shows his dedication to steering his business with a godly compass, underpinning the essence of seeing God as a business partner. 

In Conclusion

This discussion unequivocally exhibits the beautiful interplay between faith and business within the realm of therapists and private practice owners. The divine truly becomes the ultimate business partner when faith permeates every aspect of the work you do. Rest assured, in the ups and downs of running a private practice, the presence of the Almighty is consistent and steadying. And in such steadiness, one finds the strength to carry on and succeed.

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